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CRD Frankenlift

II Premium

Fits all CRD KJ Liberty's! The Frankenlift II Premium is the ULTIMATE aftermarket suspension system for your CRD KJ Liberty!


And unlike other companies, we give you PRE-ASSEMBLED front struts, premium hardware, and a SUPERIOR design, and TOP NOTCH, SUPERIOR SERVICE and.....well you get the idea!

Looking for the GAS KJ OME lift kit? CLICK HERE!

CRD Frankenlift II PREMIUM: $1796.39

(Price INCLUDES $125 Refundable Core Charge)
(2005+ KJ: Add $30 for the Brake Line Relocation Bracket. See ** note below)

The CRD Frankenlift II Premium comes with Old Man EMU (OME) Rear Long Travel N132L Shocks or choose the Nitro Charger Sport Series OME Rear Shock for the same price. See the part list below for all of the parts included in this lift - plus we pre-assemble them which saves you time and money!

The Premium Frankenlift comes standard with OME front struts and rear long travel shocks. They are HEAVY DUTY and are VALVED correctly for the KJ Liberty, which greatly helps control the bounce-back in those heavy CRDs! If you are going to put an ARB bumper or any other heavy bumper on your CRD, you definitely want to go with this lift. If you don't have a heavy bumper, don't worry...the springs are progressive and this lift is certainly for your CRD with a stock bumper too!

Our CRD Frankenlift II kits includes all of the following products and the front struts come PRE-ASSEMBLED! This kit lifts the CRD ~2" to ~2-1/2" (depending on your vehicle and any additional weight that you may carry). This kit is easy to install and it maintains very safe C/V angles for your CRD KJ.


  • OME 790 Front H/D CRD-rated Coil Springs - One Pair

  • Mopar Isolators (rubber parts) - Two Sets  *CORE CHARGE APPLIES

  • Upper Strut plate - One Pair


  • All Hardware Needed for assembly of front struts. *CORE CHARGE APPLIES TO LARGE STRUT WASHERS (2)

  • Labor to assemble both front strut assemblies.

  • OME948 Rear Heavy Duty Coil Springs - One Pair

  • OME132L Long Travel Rear Shocks OR OME Nitro Charger Sport Series Rear Shocks - One Pair

  • Daystar Rear Bump Stops - One Pair

    • (Rear bump stops not needed with Rear OME Sport Series shocks and will not be included.)

  • OME H/D Front 90009 Struts - One Pair​

  • Brake Line Relocation Bracket (add $30). 

    • **IF NEEDED - 2005-2007 KJs ONLY​

  • **HOW TO TELL IF YOUR 2005 KJ needs this bracket:
    1) All 2006-2007 CRD KJs will also require a Brake Line Relocation Bracket.   
    2) Most 2005 KJs will require this bracket as well. If your 2005 CRD has the driverside rear brake line going from the caliper across the axle, your 2005 will NOT need this bracket.  If your 2005 CRD has the driverside rear brake line going from the caliper up into the wheel well, your 2005 CRD WILL need this bracket. Add $30


  • *CORE CHARGE NOTE: $125 core charge is included in the price above. When you return reusable cores you will receive a core charge refund of $125.00 USD - You must return TWO stock Mopar CRD Upper Strut Plates, FOUR stock 1" Rubber Isolators, AND TWO Large Strut Washers.  The cores returned must be in usable condition. For a full refund, All J Products will determine if the cores returned are reusable. Refund will go directly back to the credit card used for purchase.

1 Year Limited Warranty on Parts only.  Limited Warranty covered directly through the manufacturer of individual parts.  No warranty on labor fees.

NOTE: Any additional parts or procedures added to obtain additional lift or adding a "clevis lift" of any height to the Frankenlift or OME Lift will null and void all warranty. No other parts or lifting is required with a Frankenlift or OME Lift and by doing so you may damage parts, may not be able to properly align the vehicle, cause C/V boot damage and other issues.

CRD Frankenlift II FRONT ONLY: $1317.42

CRD OME Lift Kit w/N132L rear shocks = $1115.34

CRD OME Lift Kit w/OME Nitro Charger Sport Series rear shocks, no rear bump stops =  $1115.34

Installation Labor for CRD Frankenlift II Premium: $495 plus alignment.

Installation Labor for CRD OME-OME Lift Kit: $525 plus alignment. 

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