Nth Degree

UPDATED 8/20/2020: We are currently taking names for people who are interested in ordering new gyrojoint kits. When we get to 30 orders, we will get more made. We currently have 28 pre-orders. So we will be placing our order SOON.  Please EMAIL us at info@boulderbars.com and tell us how many gyrojoint kits you want. You can order as many as you want. 


They will be $219.00 or slightly higher for the FULL set of all 8 standard Gyrojoints (2 white and 2 black cupped and 4 slotted ends). 


You can also order the "HEMI" Heavy Duty Gyrojoint kit, which is just what we are calling the Gyrojoint kits using ONLY the harder durometer black cupped gyrojoints on both the front and rear (the white bushings that are used in the front of the standard kit are softer and not used in the Hemi kit).  The Hemi kit is meant for jeeps that have a V8, or they tend to tear the white bushings, or for those that are looking to extend the life of the front bushings. They MAY cause a slight amount of engine vibration transfer. Most people don't notice this, but if you are super tuned-in to your Jeep and every little thing about it, you MIGHT notice it.  So keep that in mind.  The HEMI Gyrojoint kit will be approx. $229.99 or slightly higher. We won't know for sure until our order is made what the final pricing will be.


In the GyroJoint kit that we are having built soon:

  • Nth Degree Gyrojoint Isolator Replacement Kit (set of all 8 half-gyrojoints).

  • Placement of GyroJoint Isolators:

  • Black "cupped" pieces (look just like the white parts, but black) are for the rear lower control arms at the frame end. (x2 pieces)

  • White "cupped" pieces are for the front lower control arms at the frame end. (x2 pieces)

  • The other four black pieces with the "slot" in them can go in the front or in the rear opposite of the black/white pieces. (x4 pieces)

  • NOTE: The HEMI Gyrojoint kit will have the same parts as described above, except instead of the white cupped parts it will have front BLACK Cupped parts.



(timing for parts is TBD at this point, but we're hoping for the end of the year): 

  1. Front Upper Control Arm Bushings (there are FOUR total of these bushings, two soft and two hard). We are currently taking pre-orders for the Front Upper Control Arm Bushings. $57.99 for the complete kit. Call to get your order placed 909-866-4800.

  2. Rear Stinger/Slider Bushings (they look like a small hockey puck shape and are found at the point where the stinger mates to the slider - just the the rear of the "Nth" degree laser cut logo in the stinger). - Your Jeep takes TWO of these bushings. - Working on getting these....we'll update this page when we have more info.




If you are desperate for parts, below is what we have left (some parts are used).

Below are Nth items that we have left in stock. The bottom of this page contains the items we no longer have in stock and that are no longer available.

  • We have 3 used good condition take-off slotted gyrojoint bushings a la carte $15 each.

  • We have 2 used good condition black cupped gyrojoint bushing - $15.

  • We also JUST FOUND 4 used GyroJoint STUBS (looks like a hitch ball). They are 49.99 each.


Please call Heather at 909-866-4800 or email info@boulderbars.com to order.

FOR OTHER PARTS: As of 6/10/20, all parts we had left in stock in our warehouse were sold, except for what is listed below. Sold parts are in the following section. If you don't see it listed, sorry we DON'T have it.


  1. Nth23001AA: Nth Degree Laser Cut Gyrojoint Wrench w/laser cut Nth Degree logo (small end for stubs, large end for jam nuts). -1 left in stock. $20 each

  2. IN STOCK Stinger Bushings (they look like a mushroom) (from front of rear stinger to tummy tucker at the horseshoe - QUANTITY NEEDED TO REPLACE WHAT YOU HAVE IS 2 bushings per Jeep). See the picture below for what the rubber 1" and 1.25" Diameter Stinger-to-Tummy Tucker bushings look like. Please measure the "non-head" side of your bushing before ordering. The 1.25" OD Diameter (with a 3/4" hole, uses a sleeve with a 1/2" bolt). In stock. $8.99 for either 1" or 1.25" bushing, each. The sleeve is $9.99.

    NOTE: A very few of the newer lift kits used the Urethane 1.25" OD Diameter Stinger bushing at the horseshoe (tummy tucker to stinger) with a metal sleeve that the bolt goes through. Those larger 1.25" OD Diameter bushings use a 3" long sleeve with a 1/2" bolt hole. Please measure your bushing at the "non-head" side before ordering. Also, some kits used a shorter sleeve, so your sleeve may be shorter than 3" long - if it is, then ask for the new sleeve as the shorter sleeves should not be re-used as they can allow the bushings to be squished when tightening up the bolt. The cost for the 1.25" Urethane bushing and sleeve kit is $29.99. (comes with two 1.25" stinger bushings and one 1/2" hole, 3" long sleeve)

  3. IN STOCK Tummy Tucker Isolators (see photo below): $29.99 each. In stock. Your Jeep has TWO at the Tummy Tucker/Transmission.


  4. IN STOCK Lower Control Arm Bushings $38.99 each - In Stock -- Your Jeep has FOUR.

  5. Nth Degree Stinger Rod End Heim Joint - your Jeep has ONE of these:

    1.  IN STOCK 3/4" shank x 5/8" ID heim - used mostly on the most recent lifts -- $39.99 each

    2. IN STOCK 5/8" shank x 5/8" ID on heim - used on the oldest lifts) -- $36.99 each

      Specify which size you need - Nth Degree used all three sizes and sometimes mixed/matched regardless of how old your lift is, so you must MEASURE the Stinger Rod you have installed on your Jeep now before placing your order. We will send you the size you say you have and if it's wrong, you can pay to ship back the heim joint and pay for shipping back with the correct size part - so please MEASURE your heim first to avoid wasting your money on shipping twice!


  6. Nth Degree Quick Winch Front Bumper (powder coated black) for TJ/LJ: $439.99 (ONE left in stock)

  7. Nth Degree Quick Winch Receiver Mount for 2" receiver (powder coated black) $50 each (4 left in stock)

  8. Nth Degree Lower Control Arm Re-drill Template - Metal (approx 9 left in stock as of 6/15/20) $15 ea.


Available to first caller/first order. Availability is subject to change as parts are selling quickly. If you want it, you need to call and get it, as it might be GONE tomorrow.

NOTE: We may have more hardware packs and used parts, but I won't have that list until APRIL AT THE EARLIEST.  If what you are looking for is NOT listed, we are sorry but we DON'T have it. 



  1. SOLD Nth Degree U-bolt at the Rear Slider (1/2" round u-bolt, 3-3/4" width measured at the start of the curve, short threaded bolt - 1.25" of the bolt is threaded. 1 NEW and 1 USED left. $20 for the new bolt, $15 for the used bolt. Hardware (nuts/washers) are available separately. 

  2. SOLD 1 NEW Slotted gyrojoint bushing a la carte $29.99 each.

  3. SOLD 1 NEW white front gyrojoint cupped bushing a la carte $29.99.

  4. SOLD 2 new jam nuts to go with gyrojoint stubs, they are $5.99 each. 

  5. SOLD 4 Excellent Condition used rear black gyrojoint cupped bushings (these can be used in the front or the back). $25.00 each. 

  6. SOLD One set of nth degree Lightning Rod Sway Bar Disconnects - $50. 

  7. SOLD Nth Degree Rear Spring Relocators (provides 1.5" lift) - 1 Refurbished Set in stock $180.00

  8. SOLD Nth Degree 4.5" Rear "B" Rate Coil Springs, pair, for LJ or Heavy TJ - $220.00 for the rear pair

  9. SOLD Nth14031AA - Nth Degree Tummy Tucker for '03-'06 TJ 6cyl Auto trans, $529.99, we have 1 left

  10. SOLD NthSTGR0795 Stinger link Bracket for non TTs (fits '97-'06 TJ) $49 each we have 2

  11. SOLD Nth 14100AA Stinger Boom for '87-'95 YJ and '97-'06 TJ, SWB length $269 we have 1

  12. SOLD Nth24200AB - Nth Degree Slider, Dana 44 rear axle (Rubicon). Fits 97-06 TJ. $200  we have 1, used

  13. SOLD Bushing, Long Arm FUCA - SOFT  (NOTE: Placement of soft bushing is to the front of the front upper control arm at the axle end.) $9.99 each, we have 3 left

  14. SOLD Bushing, Long Arm FUCA - HARD (NOTE: Placement of hard bushing is to the rear of the front upper control arm at the axle end.) $9.99 each, we have 1 left

  15. SOLD NthHDWR5004 U-Bolt, Round 1/2" -20x3.13" Wx5" , $56.99 we have 3 left

  16. SOLD NthHDWR2001+fastener, flagnut, 3/8" 16 x2.0" $9.50 each, we have 10 left

  17. SOLD Nth99020AC: Nth Degree Hardware: GJ Front Upper Control Arm Hardware for Long Arm Kit - TJ/XJ/ZJ, $109.99 we have 1 left

  18. SOLD Nth99012 Fastener Pack Stinger $26, we have 1 left

  19. SOLD Nth99010 - Nth Degree Fastener Pack: Shock Shifter $21.99, we have 2 for sure, maybe 4 left

  20. SOLD Nth23041: Nth Degree Right Rear Control Arm tower extension Bracket for TJ, (Use w/nth23040 only) we have 1 left, $50 each

  21. SOLD Nth23040: Rear Trackbar tower-brace, Complete Bolt On w/ upper control arm mount. $239.99, we have 1 left.

  22. SOLD Nth23030AA: Nth Degree Rear Spring Relocators. For 97-06 TJ w/rotated pinion - provides 1.5" lift. $150, missing the 2 u-bolts

  23. SOLD Nth21901: Nth Degree Bar Pin Spacers for Shocks. $29.99, we have 1 left

  24. SOLD Nth21024AA: 4.5" Rear "B" Springs (pair) for LJ, 2 pairs left $220 each pair

  25. SOLD Nth21023AA: 4.5" Rear "A" Springs (pair) for TJ 1 good used set left, $100 for the pair. Also we have a pair of used good condition 4.5" Front A Rate Springs, $120/pair.

  26. SOLD Nth21013AA 4.5 Front Springs TJ (ONE), 1 new spring (not a pair), $80. 

  27. SOLD Nth Degree Lightning Rod Disconnects for 2-6" lift. Fits 97-06 Wrangler. Uses existing stock links. 2 new sets  $80 each

  28. SOLD Nth Degree Front Trackbar and adjustable Brace for 4.5"-6" lifted 97-06 TJs (note NO track bar, adj. brace only) $50, we have 2 (brace only)

  29. SOLD Nth20300: Nth Degree Stinger Bridge, LCP1, 2 left, $119.99 for one w/horseshoe and $78.00  for 1 w/no horseshoe.

  30. SOLD Nth Degree Rear Lower Control Arm - Stretch (left) - Bare Metal, 1 left $395.99 each (This is for a STRETCH Nth)

  31. SOLD Nth Degree Rear Lower Control Arm - Stretch (right) - Bare Metal, 1 left $395.99 each (This is for a STRETCH Nth)


All J Products has already installed OVER 250 Nth Degree and AEV Suspension Systems and tons of Nth Degree armor on Jeep TJ, LJ and JK Wranglers! We've even custom fabricated the Nth Degree product to work great on SFA Jeep KJ Liberties!!  Our Techs know these kits and Nth Degree's product line like no other 4x4 shop...and we professionally install them right here in our So. Cal shop, located in Big Bear Lake, CA. (east of Los Angeles).  Give us a call to get great pricing on Nth Degree systems and professional, experienced installation, or stop by our shop, we are happy to see you!  We are very proud to say that we continue to be the #1 WORLDWIDE Selling & Installing Dealer for Nth Degree and AEV Suspensions since 1995!

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