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Who We Are

All J Products was founded in 1996 by Quinn’s Step-Dad, Steve, and his Mother, Lynne. Quinn and Steve started building “Boulder Bars” and other fabricated metal protection for Jeeps in Steve’s home garage and the entire family would go to trade events to display and sell our “All Jeep” Products. We quickly outgrew the garage and moved into a small shop on Doolittle Road in Riverside, California. We had worked in the tiny "Doolittle" shop for five years when Quinn decided we needed a larger shop to grow the business. We found a 6,000 square foot shop in Grand Terrace, California and moved in. 

In our Grand Terrace shop we had a dedicated fabrication area for our Boulder Bars, Boulder Bumpers, Skid Plates, and Custom Tire Carrier and Rubicon Rack. Around 2003 many of our customers asked us to install their suspension kits and other off-roading products for their Wranglers. Quinn said, “Absolutely we can do that!” So we installed a couple of two-post BendPak car lifts and added installation services to our already busy manufacturing business. By 2005, we were selling and installing a large array of Jeep products and customizing all sorts of CJs, YJs, XJs, Grand Cherokees, and Wranglers. We even created a specialized lift kit and skid plates for the KJ Liberty!

At the end of 2005, Quinn and Heather decided that they wanted to offer their two kids, Mitchel and Miranda, a better place to live where they could enjoy the outdoors. Everything was moved to Big Bear Lake, California in 2006. The locals quickly found us and our loyal customers from the valley would still make the drive “up the mountain” to our new shop. Life is good!

In 2009, Quinn and Heather became 100% owners and Dad and Mom were able to retire and enjoy life outside of the business. Quinn and Heather dialed back manufacturing of the Boulder Bars, Boulder Bumpers, etc. and ramped up installation and service. We added on many other services for Jeeps, and other 4WD trucks as well, such as the maintenance and repair services you can find here

Quinn and Heather take pride in being the community’s dedicated Jeep and 4x4 Shop while also providing service and expertise to their customers who come from the desert, the valley, and even other states to have their “babies” worked on by Jeep enthusiasts who care as much about their Jeep as they do. 

All J Products takes pride in our contributions to our community as well.

Take a look below at some of the things All J Products does to give back to the communities that give so much to us.

About Us: About

All J Products is a Proud Member of CORVA

CORVA is composed of off-road enthusiasts of street legal and off-highway registered vehicles such as ATV's, motorcycles, 3-wheelers, trail bikes, and dune buggies, as well as 4X4 vehicles, dual sport motorcycles, Baja buggies, and desert racers. Plus many others that use motorized access for hunting, rock hounding, bird watching, fishing, and other activities.

CORVA's main purpose is to work with the land managers for responsible off-highway vehicular access and recreational opportunities. Secondarily, CORVA’s purpose is to educate their membership on the constantly changing rules and regulations and promote clean-up and trail maintenance projects.

Meet the Little League Team Sponsored by All J Products

Big Bear Youth Baseball and Softball is a special organization for All J Products. We are honored to sponsor our local boys and girls with donations to help one or two individuals afford to play baseball or softball. We also sponsor one Baseball or Softball Team each year, and, in addition, this year we also donated to the Big Bear Travel Team.

Senior Citizen Prom.png

Senior Prom Sponsored by All J Products

All J Products is a proud sponsor of the Big Bear Senior Prom, put on by our local YMCA. Each year we sponsor a table full of SENIOR CITIZEN’S for Prom night! That’s right, Senior Citizens...not teenagers...PROM night!

About Us: Our Services

Meet the Team!


Heather and Quinn


Quinn and Heather are owner/operators of All J Products, together they run the shop and office like a tight running machine - Heather runs the office and all of the business details, while Quinn runs every aspect of the shop. We all know Heather is the real boss around here, but Quinn says he likes it that way. ;-)


Shop Manager and Lead Technician

Corey is our Shop Manager and Lead Tech. Corey has past Diesel Tech experience and is highly skilled with all things electrical and has mad diagnostic skills. Corey has been with All J Products since 2015.


Sadie and Heidi

Shop Dogs

Sadie is our sweet Golden Retriever and spends each workday with us at the shop. You can usually find her right next to Quinn with her head on his lap getting a lot of love.

Heidi is our Husky/German Shepard mix and she also spends each workday at the shop. You’ll find Heidi anywhere Heather is (which is usually inside the office). 

Both dogs are friendly, but newcomers will get the “welcome bark.” If you bring your own dog, which you are welcome to do, they will bark at them if they come inside the office. Both dogs are kept behind a locked gate in the office, so you can bring your dog and they will be separated.

About Us: Our Team
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