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Meet Our Staff

Our Team: Our Team

Quinn and Heather


Quinn and Heather are owner/operators of All J Products, together they run the shop and office like a tight running machine - Heather runs the office and all of the business details, while Quinn runs every aspect of the shop. We all know Heather is the real boss around here, but Quinn says he likes it that way. ;-)




Corey is our Shop Manager and Lead Tech. Corey has past Diesel Tech experience and is highly skilled with all things electrical and has mad diagnostic skills. Corey has been with All J Products since 2015.

Sadie and Heidi

The Shop Dogs

Sadie is our sweet Golden Retriever and spends each workday with us at the shop. You can usually find her right next to Quinn with her head on his lap getting a lot of love.

Heidi is our Husky/German Shepard mix and she also spends each workday at the shop. You’ll find Heidi anywhere Heather is (which is usually inside the office). 

Both dogs are friendly, but newcomers will get the “welcome bark.” If you bring your own dog, which you are welcome to do, they will bark at them if they come inside the office. Both dogs are kept behind a locked gate in the office, so you can bring your dog and they will be separated.

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